Trekking In Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the best way to experience Nepal’s unmatchable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches. The vast fluctuations in altitudes and climates found here support an equally spectacular mix of lifestyles and wildlife. Nepal has some of the best trekking options in the world, to and around several of the world's highest mountains, including Mount Everest. Many people visit the country just to trek and the tourism industry is well prepared to facilitate all manner of trekking styles and destinations.

There are two major factors to weigh in as you decide when to go to Nepal: crowds and weather. During the high tourist season in October and November, flights and hotels are fully booked and hotels and trails in the hills can be dreadfully busy. Early December usually has a lull but this is also a good trekking season. It also usually does not rain for more than one or two days during the entire autumn season from mid October to mid December. It is possible to trek out of season, but expect lots of rain (and leeches) during the monsoon and severe cold and closed passes during the winter months.

There are two types of trekking; Teahouse (lodge trek) and camping (organized trek). Lodge trekking is a relatively cheap way of trekking in where meals and accommodation are provided in a teahouse. It's a great way to connect with some of the local culture and definitely suits trekkers not wanting to carry back-crushing rucksacks. The standard of lodgings can vary from very similar to a hotel, to something far more rustic. Camping trekking is fully organized and supported with a team of guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters to accompany you. A chief guide is employed to pre-arrange and then to oversee the entire program.

The treks in Nepal, which wind through the world’s highest mountains, are extraordinary in the world. The only problem is picking which one. In no particular order, here are five of the best trekking routes in Nepal.
1.    The Langtang Region
2.    The Mt. Everest Circuit
3.    The Annapurna Circuit
4.    The Annapurna Sanctuary
5.    Mt. Kangchenjunga Circuit

It must be stressed that whilst trekking is challenging and rewarding, you must be prepared for the occasional inconvenience or discomfort. The correct mental attitude to trekking is as important as being physically prepared.

Author: Ashish Rai


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