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Trekking Agencies In Nepal

Nepal is blessed with natural beauty and diverse heritage.  From mountains to hills, rivers to lakes, ridges and gorges, Nepal indeed has it all. The best way to explore and experience the beauty of this scenic country is through trekking.  Walking alongside mesmerizing river banks, terraced fields and forests, one can feel closer to nature, closer to Nepal. Also, trekking in Nepal allows multiple interactions with locals. There are multiple trails to follow, some rough and some untouched. Wherever you go, you are bound to receive warm greeting from locals with their smiling faces.

A world renowned destination for trekking, Nepal offers an all season trekking.  However, the most popular seasons are spring (February-May) and autumn (September- November).  For those who are a little more adventurous trekking is open during the monsoon season (June-August) too in the northern areas of the Himalaya.

Trekking agencies

There are more than 100 trekking agencies in Nepal; some are large companies which operate in correspondence with overseas companies while some are small scaled agencies which are solely operated from Nepal. These trekking agencies arranges treks, handles air tickets and transportation. They are also known as trekking companies. Following is the list of the reputed and reliable trekking agencies that have been listed in the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal.

1.     Adventure Glacier Treks & Expedition
2.     Adventure Pilgrims Trekking
3.    Adventure Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd
4.    Alpine Adventure Club Treks & Expedition
5.    Alpine Exodus Pvt. Ltd
6.    Asian Journey Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd
7.     Bochi Bochi Trek Pvt Ltd
8.    Budget Treks & Expedition
9.    Buddha Treks & Expedition
10.    Clan Treks & Expedition
11.    Columbus Treks & Expedition Nepal
12.    Ecology Green Treks Pvt Ltd
13.    Edelweiss Treks & Expedition
14.    Everest Zone Trekking & Expedition
15.    Family Adventure Treks & Expedition
16.    High Mountain Wave Trekking
17.    Hima Adventure International Pvt. Ltd
18.     Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition
19.    Himalaya Worldwide Treks & Expedition
20.    Mount Manaslu Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd
21.    Mountain Sherpa Trekking  & Expedition
22.    Nepal Mountain Treks & Expedition
23.    North Face Trekking  & Expedition
24.    NP Trek Adventure Pvt. Ltd
25.    Neat Adventures Treks & Expedition
26.     Sahara Nepal Treks & Expedition
27.    Shizen Treks
28.    Sky Line Treks & Expedition Nepal
29.     The Trekker Society Pvt. Ltd
30.    Trip Himalayas Treks & Expedition
31.    Yala Adventure Pvt. Ltd

The following companies offer the full Great Himalayan Trail trek.

1.    Pemala Trek: This is the only Nepali trekking company that has completed the entire high-level trail in Nepal.

2.    Swiss Nepal Family Trekking: It offers the GHT in nine sections. •   


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