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Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, home to the Gurkhas and the country of Himalayas is an inviting place for those seeking respite from their everyday life. Naturally exotic with deep valleys and lush jungles, beautiful mountain ranges, and diverse culture, Nepal is the place to head for adventure and experience. Since, it first opened its doors to foreigners in 1949, Nepal has been welcoming more than thousands of guests every year. This year is even more special as 2011 has been marked the Nepal Tourism Year. The target to attract 1 million tourists was set for the year and the response and the number of tourist arrivals has been positive.

Rising from near sea level to 8,848 meters high in altitude, this tiny federal-republic nation has been described as ‘the last paradise.’ A subtle beauty in its own right, Nepal has a lot to offer to both foreigners and locals. Even with a small area of 1, 47,181, square kilometers, it is amazing to see the variety of culture and scenic beauty that is present in the country. A visit to any nook and cranny of the country is bound to be adventurous, and a novel experience. The rich cultural heritage of Nepalis is displayed through its people, architecture and traditions. Due to difference in topography, the lifestyle of people is also different in the north and the south of the country. This has resulted in a diverse culture; a culture that has been knotted together by many different types. You get to experience unique culture as you move around the country.

Nepali people believe in a Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” (meaning guests are like Gods) and abide by it. This is evident in the hospitality of the Nepalis. Warm and helpful, the people of Nepal welcome each guest in their country and treat them like their own. Different historical monuments, temples and architecture further highlight Nepal’s rich culture. Temples and palaces which date back to 10 AD are still found in the country. Magnificent Buddhist stupas and Pagoda styled temples speak of the finesse of Nepali architects.

Trekking is extremely popular and with the rise in popularity, more and more trekking routes are being opened. Upper Mustang trek allows a foreigner to see up-close the real beauty of Nepal. The region still remains underdeveloped and isolated. There’s a lot to do in this country. From paragliding to bungy jumping from one of the highest fall in the world, to going for a safari in jungle and bathing elephants, to rafting and kayaking, Nepal doesn’t disappoint.

The best time to travel to Nepal is October to January or February to April. October to November is also the time of Nepal’s most important festival (Dashain and Tihar) and thus, the festive mood will make the country even brighter and more fun. May to June is also good time to visit though the weather is a little hot. So, do visit Nepal for its beauty; for its people and most importantly for one in a lifetime experience.


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