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Not sure how much the concerned parties have thought about it, but it is certain that the unavailability of international e-payment systems like paypal in Nepal is definitely holding back a substantial number of potential visitors to the country, who would otherwise be wiling to buy travel packages online only if they didn’t have to give away their credit card numbers to an unknown vendors in the third-world country.

Most Nepali tourism entrepreneurs seems to be content with accepting either VISA or Mastercard payment on their website, completely unaware of the fact that people are very skeptical of making purchases through the internet if it entails disclosing their credit card numbers.  As a matter of fact, this is probably the single-most reason why companies like Paypal has come into existence and has been at the fore worldwide when it comes to paying online. Paypal’s feature that hides the credit card numbers of the holders when making purchases online makes it ideal for users to indulge in online purchases, which has subsequently changed how business is done online in recent times. Had it not been for the e-payment system, the internet wouldn’t see such a rise in online transactions like we have been experiencing today.

A travel vendor in Nepal can increase his business by a single action of providing a Paypal feature on their site.  And they will be surprised to know how much they are missing out on with such a simple lapse.

A small oversight indeed, but something that has surely cost millions in lost income to the tourism industry and the economy.  Therefore, Nepalis involved in the tourism business should be a little more practical in this regard. They are probably the most aware group of professionals in country on this particular subject but the complacency is puzzling.

The matter has to be taken up by the concerned Nepali tourism authority if they hope to make any significant achievement, as an individual effort is not likely to yield any result; as it is most certain, the issue has to be taken up at the highest government level.


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