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Pokhara - A laid back lake city

Pokhara is Nepal’s third largest city, but comes second when it comes to attracting visitors. It is perched high on the imposing Annapurna mountain range at nearly 900 meters above sea level. This enchanting city has been attracting adventure-seekers and holidaymakers from all over the world because of its laid-back atmosphere and magnificent natural beauty. With several beautiful lakes and the spectacular back drop of the Himalayas, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tourism is the economic backbone and it has helped this city thrive. The city also the perfect base and starting point for trekkers wanting to explore the world-famous Annapurna Circuit. Yet for the less active, nature-loving traveler, the place can offer the ideal setting for that much needed relaxing getaway.

At the surface, Pokhara might look like just any other picturesque city overrun by modernity because of the influx of tourists, but in actuality it is so much more. It presents an interesting blend of old and new. At one time, visitors might see mule trains still following the ancient trade routes found in the outer fringes of the town and then, at another time, they will see the bustling and vibrant districts like Pardi and Baidam, which are lined with modern hotels, bar and restaurants welcoming strangers to this strange land. Pardi and Baidam, also known as Lakeside and Damside, has become a popular destination because it lies right on the shores of the scenic Fewa Lake. This lake is immense and it reflects, in almost perfect undisturbed placidness, the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas. Boating and fishing can be done in the lake but for the less avid sportsman, a drink, a buddy or a book in one of the cafes that overlooks the splendid body of water is a satisfying alternative.

With the many natural attractions in the locale, Pokhara provides plenty of recreation opportunities from adventure-caving, river rafting and jungle safaris to paragliding and micro flights -- the daring will never be bored. Just know where to go and a travel agent can arrange it for you. Those who imagined a more leisurely pace vacation should not worry. Apart from the great outdoors, the city has a rich and colourful heritage. Tourists can engage in a number of cultural pursuits by visiting the numerous temples and museums in the city. They can also sightsee and explore further into other Tibetan villages.In Pokhara, there are a lot of paths to walk, many lakes to see, more hills to climb, plenty of views to take in and then, there are gorges so deep you will want to know what’s below. But sometimes resources are limited, especially time. So for those who do not have time or the energy to do everything, but would still want to see the entire city, a definite must-visit is the Sarangkot viewpoint which has the most amazing panoramic view of Pokhara and its postcard-like countryside.


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Author: Ashish Rai


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